Visit Iowa and the Tractor Museum

Curious about how veggies get to our table?  Talking a little about agriculture or gardening with the little ones? Kids interested about engines and machinery? As farmers get ready for spring, you can integrate your food and engine lesson with a visit to a tractor museum.  Recently opened, now Tractor fans can now take a trip to Iowa and discover the new attraction that depicts the evolution of the tractor-to- Engine at the Waterloo John Deere Tractor& Engine Museum. Visit Iowa and the Tractor Museum.


What you will find is a 27000 square foot opportunity to explore the milestones of tractor manufacturing and history via  25 exhibits.
The museum is located at the original design and testing center for the two- cylinder tractors. Actually that is very near the place where the first tractors came off the assembly line in the 1900s.

The museum has interactive areas where children can design and draw tractors.
After you visit the museum, you can tour the John Deere’s Tractor cab assembly factories to continue where the museum leaves off and go into the future of tractor manufacturing.

Every one from the very novice to enthusiasts will surely find interesting information and knowledge.  Will you include this museum in your spring or summer travel plans this year?


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