Tips for Women Over 50 Who Love to Travel!

Traveling in Your 50’s

Today women have no boundaries, no limitations. We have as women changed the world and changed prescriptions and habits. This holds true for strong beautiful women in their fifties traveling the world on their own or with their girlfriends. A few years back this was not a familiar occurrence. Besides, let’s admit it, it gets a bit more difficult now,so we gotta be comfortable and prepared!

As more and more vibrant, worldly graceful ladies like my friend Myrah roam the planet, you are bound to meet one of them and live through their experiences and travels.

women over 50

Tips for Women Over 50 Who Travel

While the rest of the world catches up to these amazing ladies, here are some traveling tips for women in their 50’s

After a certain age we stop worrying less about what people think and more about what we want. It is only natural to seek comfort, convenience  and surround ourselves with what we like. Consider these basic tips from a globetrotter who never shines over 50:

Tip 1  Travel with those who make you happy.

Tip 2 Avoid bathroom accidents: take your trusty bath math with you. It will roll up nicely and fit every luggage

Tip 3 Global warming and hormones can affect climate drastically. Dress in layers’s and always have a cardigan handy

Tip 4 Because of the same reasoning in Tip 3, be as comfortable as can be in your hotel bed. Don’t be shy, take a cozy small blanket with you when you travel. You might need it during flight delay at the airport Tips for Women Over 50 Who Love to Travel!

Tip 5 You are a woman in the driver seat. Always remember you will find a way to make the most out of every situation.

Tip 6 Even though you are in the driver seat, it is OK to sometimes let someone guide you.  Tours or cruises do not diminish your independent spirit! Just make sure to research the operators before you chose one.

Tip 7 When packing think versatility and ease of packing.  You might have the perfect ball dress to have tea with the queen but if you have plenty of stops before you see her that dress might be in a bit of a wrinkle.

Tips for Women Over 50 Who Love to Travel!

As I grow wiser, I am fortifying my girl friendships and making plans to follow in your footsteps, you beautiful carefree and fabulous 50-year-old!

Thanks for sharing your tips Myrah, looking forward to our next traveling adventure together!

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