Tips to Buy Lowest Air Ticket for Your Holidays

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We have a great tip for you: September has the lowest air ticket prices for your holiday plans! Think about it, school is back in season, few people are actually thinking of vacation specially with the expense of the back to school purchases.  That makes sense, right?  How about these other tips for purchasing tickets, we think you will like them:

1- Every time you do some search on your computer, some cookies are installed .  This tells the site owners what you are looking for.  So, if you keep searching hoping to get a lower fare, guess what you will get the same fare over and over.  in some instances these could even go up.  Our tip?  Search from different computers.

2- Look at alternate cheaper airports to fly into.  for example if you are going to the Big Apple take a look at the prices to Newark airport.  The savings could give you the money to take a cab to the city and even have lunch!

3- Time tables can be beneficial, look at the late or red eye flights that are available.

4- Consider how many stops are you willing to make.  Some passengers prefer having a couple shorter flights to stretch and maybe even discover a new city before moving on to a final destination.  Most stops do translate into a lower ticket price.

5- Make your actual ticket purchase on Tuesday.  Preferably on Tuesday Morning.  Some airlines share their sales on Mondays, but by Tuesday everyone will have done it so you can see all of the best prices out there

mamas travel tips tuesday travel

6-  Mondays, Fridays you have all the business travel in high gear.  The weekend getaways or extensions to trips happen here.  So, Tuesday and Wednesday  the slower, laid back days at the airport will give you a lower price offer to choose from.  Try flying on Tuesday or Wednesday.

7- Consider every aspect, consider a carry on to avoid the extra $25 for checked luggage in some air carriers

 Do you have any tips to share on getting the best price for airfare?  Please share!  The more we save, the more we can plan more travel.

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