Take Time to Discover Santo Domingo!

February 27th commemorates Dominican independence from Haiti. Actually, The Dominican Republic has declared independence from France Spain and Haiti!  To celebrate their independence we tell you what you should not miss out on in Santo Domingo on  a limited itinerary

Usually visitors to The Dominican Republic are focused on their final destination which generally means an all inclusive paradise.  Few take a moment to discover the capital of this beautiful island.

We all know that on business’s there is little you get to discover of the destination.  Whether business or pleasure, if you have a few hours in Santo Domingo, we recommend a visit to the colonial district. Here you will enjoy cobblestone ways and stone wall buildings where the conquest of the region begun. Enjoying the baroque style is an easy relaxing stroll that can take you back in time.

Within this zone you can visit:

  1. The cathedral (Catedral primada)
  2. Alcazar de Colon: this was once home of Diego Colon, son of the famed Christopher Columbus. The 16th century building gives you a glimpse of what sort of life and services a vice royal in the new land experienced. Additionally, there is a great renaissance and medieval art collection to enjoy.
  3. Not far from there is the Fortaleza Ozama (same name as the river that irrigates the area). This is the oldest formal standing building in The Americas.  The view of the city is the best one and the one that allows to take it all in.
  4. Finally take a stroll at the Malecon where old meets new in terms of architecture.

That is it! Time is up but you did get the best in your itinerary!

Happy Indepence to all our Dominican friends!

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