How To Take a Roadtrip with Kids & Survive! Series: Keeping Backseat Peace

Memorial Day is upon us and summer is fastly approaching.  As you make your vacation plans we don’t want you to  discard a family car trip.

So, we will give you a series on Roadtrips with different topics to help you have the best ride along ever.



First in our series is: Keeping the backseat peace.  we start with this one because it is probably the number one reason you are thinking or flying or worse, not going anywhere.  We know it is those backseat meltdowns around town that deter you from venturing into a longer out of the city trip.  Now you won’t have to think about it twice with our tips:

  • Subliminal Authority: sometimes an adult figure sets the mood, and averts certain behaviors.  Ifyou are travelling with daddy, auntie or grandma consider spending some fun time in the backseat.  This will do for some good company for baby all alone in the back, or make it easy to distribute snack 9diminishingthe risk of accidnets) ir help with a game or activity.
  • Tip Top shape: big or small a tired or hungry kid is a cranky one.  Before you depart, make sure everyone was rested and had their hearty breakfast.  To this of course, you will the add the next point
  • Entertainment: toys, activitie sheets, games, are great tools for hours of entertainment and above all backseat harmony.  Keep in mind that sharing might be an issue, so  bring enough for everyone, or at the very least, that everyone has their faves.
  • Space is golden: specially if you don’t have a spacious car like a minivan.  Find a way for everyone to have a delimited space.  You can be proactive, or set boundaries when things start to escalate.  Use bags, toys or pillows between children for this

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  • They are fighting back there: then surprise them! Pump up the raido volume  or distract them with something on the road or a prized game
  • Here comes the mess: so be prepared for it, because the longer your trip is, the most likely you will have one.  Actually, if you have kids, you will have one period.  Wipes, tissue paper,even towels can prevent havoc in the back when baby spill juice and your tween starts screaming about it.
  • Are We there Yet? avoid it by planning potty breaks and slots of time for activities.  You can choose to have 30 minutes of quiet time , 30 minutes of loud music, 40 minutes of sing-along, you get my drift
  • Prepare Surprises: don’t spill the beans on all what you are doing during your vacation, so you can announce it half way there to amplify vacation excitment! Plan unsual stops, plan a stop based on a sign on the road, do things they are not expected to keep everyone happy and start creating those vacation memories.
  • Keep the noise down: what/ yes, after hours of watching your child’s favorite DVD you will be dizzy and so weill everyone else, bring hearphones for portable DVD players and video games
  • Reward, praise and love: yes, reward good behaviour and reinforce self-esteem!

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We hope this list makes a difference foryou

If you have more tips to add to this list, please feel free to share with us, we would love to read your tips.

Next on our series: Packing for a roadtrip.


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