Pawa Dominicana spreads its wings to the United States

Because as travelers we always want more options to let our wandering spirit get fulfilled, I am happy to share that we now have a new airline that opens further the Caribbean destinations for us.  Get ready because Pawa Dominicana spreads its wings in the USA.


Pawa Dominicana spreads its wings to the United States 

As the first Dominican Republic airline to offer flights to U.S. in decades, Pawa Dominicana marks a new milestone in the Caribbean’s aviation industry with the arrival of its first passenger service in Miami from Santo Domingo, making it the first Dominican airline to offer regular flights to the United States in over 20 years. Starting this November, Pawa flies you to Santo Domingo from the Magic City.

What Pawa offers

The airline will connect the Dominican Republic capital and South Florida with two daily flights offered every day of the week. In addition, the airline’s routes will allow for quick connections to other popular Caribbean destinations like Curacao, St. Maarten, Antigua, Port Au Prince, Aruba, Puerto Rico and Havana. 

“In the case of Cuba, an attractive destination for Miami’s residents given the large community of Cuban expats that have settled in this city, Pawa offers a unique multi- destination opportunity to explore Santo Domingo and Havana and visit both islands in one trip,” said the chairman of Pawa Dominicana’s Board of Directors, Luis Ramirez. 

The Director of the Dominican Republic Office of Tourism in Miami, Wendy Justo, was also present at the press conference to stress the importance of this announcement in increasing travel to the Dominican Republic. 

“This is good news for everyone, especially for travelers who wish to see our Dominican capital and experience the beauty that characterizes our island,” said Justo. “We are confident that having this national airline fly to Miami will help us achieve the goal of 10 million tourists in the coming years.” Pawa Dominicana spreads its wings

Pawa Dominicana U.S. Country Manager Daniel Castillo said that “Pawa offers a different experience focusing more on the human aspect of customer service, featuring the broadest variety of ticket sales channels and better service for passengers with the typical Domincan warmth, both on board and on ground, as well as a punctuality rate that on average has exceeded 93 percent during our first year of operations.” 

Next for Pawa 

According to the Dominican Republic Office of Tourism in Miami, the city Miami is one of the busiest destinations to and from Santo Domingo, so the opening of this route is greatly anticipated by passengers. 

New York will be the next destination in the airline’s expansion plan, which includes new direct flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Punta Cana. Pawa Dominicana is the Dominican Republic’s flagship airline and aims to position Santo Domingo as the Latin American hub for Caribbean travel. 

Are you planning a trip to the Dominican Republic soon? We are! Will tell you all about it soon!


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