Packing Shoes for Travel

A girl needs her shoes.  As a matter of fact it is healthy for our feet and back to change our shoes frequently.  Public Relation gurus have shared their best secret to a full day of events is to change shoes at least once throughout the day if you are running around or on your feet all day. This is all about Packing Shoes for Travel.

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When traveling it might not be the best thing to pack our best shoes or an entire luggage just for shoes.  Although we might be tempted to pack a suitcase full of shoes, it might not as convenient when you are actually maneuvering bags at airport or in small spaces.  plus nowadays with the prices of each checked in luggage, you might want to avoid extra bags all together.

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We have two tips for you that might make the best use of your shoes while traveling:

  1. Your most bulky shoes are usually your sneakers.  Use them to drive, pass airport security or at any moment where you need the most space in you luggage.  Like when you go back home and need space to keep all the souvenirs you bought.
  2. Pick and pack your shoes first.  To me once the are in the luggage they are going ,so I can’t change my mind.  Once in the luggage, choose your clothes that match or style your wardrobe around the shoes.

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Choose your clothes in neutral colors and think versatility.  Like that you do take the shoes you want.  But don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes.



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