Pack your bags to Learn and Eat at Culinary Schools

Nothing like enjoying a good meal and having the perfect wine and dessert pairing for it.  Leave it to the experts to wow us with their presentations and flavors.  Now we can get closer to those experts in a great new fun educational experience.  Time to Pack your bags to Learn and Eat at Culinary Schools.


Food is a great way to discover other cultures. Now you don’t need to travel abroad to get a good taste of exotic dishes and traditions. Besides exploring genuine restaurants, You can also envision traveling within the country to achieve just the same. . We suggest visiting culinary schools around the USA that are opening their doors to offer night or weekend workshops where you will learn and taste   How about learning all about pasta or hot chilies?

kitchen at the cooking school

kitchen at the cooking school

Here is a partial list to consider:
The San Francisco cooking school
The Biltmore Culinary Academy in Miami
CulinArie in Washington DC.
Los Angeles Foid Story for Zjapanese cooking
The Kendall College in Chicago

Consider a staycation if you are lucky to have a school near.  Ready to get on that plane?  Make sure you are including an educational culinary experience in your itinerary!  Time to travel and discover your next culinary adventure!

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