Extended Stays at Islamorada are a Dream at La Siesta Resort

From our recent visit as part of the #IRCSneakPeek press trip to Islamorada, we have fallen in love with La Siesta, an all-suite oceanfront beach hotel at mile marker 80.2

The hotel is quiet, quaint and quintessential Florida Keys.  Once we set foot on property a general ahhhh feeling just took over us.  An extra friendly staff is practically invisible until you need them.  You really feel as you are alone on your private summer home which incidentally is just a piece of paradise.  Get ready to feel transported to cloud nine!

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The cottages on the beach are absolutely welcoming and have everything you need, including a full kitchen. Of course the views are phenomenal and something you will be enjoying thoroughly from morning to dusk and beyond.  Who needs a spa with a place like La Siesta Resort?  I was in heaven while visiting.

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Ideal for family vacations or romantic reconnecting, the hotel is just the place for extended stays.  Actually most that do stay here add a few more days to their visit.  We can totally see why.  It is so truly convenient, friendly and plain and simply relaxing.  The decor is eclectic, practical and well, refreshing and relaxing.

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Personally I would just lounge all day in the great collection of hammocks, but you can also do just this at their dreamy pool.  I have to do good by the name of the resort and make sure I get my dose of siestas (naps) in.  If a little more action is what you are looking for, complimentary kayaks and bicycles are available on property.

mamas travel tips #ircsneakpeek #ad la siesta resort hammocks

Now, if you are planning a celebration or a wedding, beachfront is the way to go here.  We found out that  for an engagement party the band was brought over to the dock and played on a barge while guests enjoyed food, drink on the beach, plus of course the perfect dance floor under the stars.

mamas travel tips #ircsneakpeek #ad la seistareosr docn

I can’t wait to get back to La Siesta Resort.  It will be a fabulous vacation with the little ones for great family time.  Most likely after that vacation I will be back for some anniversary celebrations, and birthdays, and whatever else I can come up with!

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