Escape the Cold – Miami Winter Calls Your Name

We know some are simply sick of the cold, experiencing cabin fever and desperate to let toes be free in flip flops! So, Escape the Cold – Miami Winter Calls Your Name! Make it into a Valentine’s event!

You could surprise your better half! I see the plan already brewing in your mind. So, how about a getaway to Miami? Let’s face it there is no snow and I even if Mother Nature was about to play tricks on you a very cold day to Miamians will still be a nice day for you.

Now if you fly into Miami, the transit department now has a convenient metro stop at the airport!


Metrorail, Miami-Dade County’s 22-mile, elevated rapid transit system, operates from 5 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. The service runs on two lines: Green and Orange. The trains run north from the Dadeland South Metrorail station to either the new MIA Metrorail Station (Orange Line) or the Palmetto Metrorail station (Green Line).

Things to consider if you plan to use this service:

  • To get on it you need to go to concourse A, third floor
  • The ride will cost you $2.50 each way
  • Before you access the train there is an information booth with real people who can answer you question 9:am – 5pm
  • You can only go South from the airport, so if you need access to the northern route you will have to get off at the first station stop and wait for the north bound train.


On your way back to the Airport

  • Fare is same price
  • Regardless of where you take the Metro, you need to take the orange line
  • The line color is announced inside the train, so try asking the driver otherwise get on the train. If you got in the green line train get off at next station and hopefully next train will be the orange line.
  • Good news is, there are only two lines. Need to access your flight information, hotel reservation or decide what to do next? Free wifi is offered on the train, so jump right in and surf the net. You can also download the free Miami-Dade Transit Service app to do things like:
  • Track the trains
  • Get service updates
  • Plan your entire trip combining with bus schedules


Overall, the system is pretty safe. However if you ask any local resident, they won’t be caught on the metro system after 7:30 in winter time. Unless of course, they are coming back on it from a Heat game.

miami collage2
Official Schedule for the System

  • Weekdays: Trains arrive approximately every 5 minutes during rush hours, every 7 1/2 minutes at midday and every 15 minutes from about 6:45 p.m. until closing.
  • Weekends: Trains arrive every 30 minutes.

You will find 23 functioning Metrorail stations, about one mile apart. Parking is available at 17 of these stations. Every station has a droff-off/ pick-up area, so if you are visiting someone, you can always get a ride to or from the station.

Nothing but relaxing warmth

Nothing but relaxing warmth

The sun is out and at 7:30 am this morning. It’s  a beautiful 75 degrees-no jackets required . Will you be visiting??  The beaches await you!

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