Best Travel Apps to Plan Your Next Trip

Spending time on the computer searching multiple websites for travel deals is not ideal for every person. There are apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone that make finding travel deals much easier. Those listed here are available on both Android and iOS smartphones.



Skyscanner helps you find the cheapest ticket prices on airfare. You can enter your budget and schedule to help find only the most relevant results. Over 500 different airlines, worldwide are available on this app. Skyscanner also helps you find a rental car right from the airport you land at.

Gas Buddy

Speaking of rental cars, you’ll probably need one of those. Since you’re in an area that you’re unfamiliar with, you don’t know which gas stations have the best prices. Gas Buddy allows you to enter the zip code or city name that you’re in and it returns the results of all of the gas stations in that area. They are listed by price and you can get the address to enter into your navigation system for assistance finding the fueling station.


TripIt links to Google and Apple accounts. From here, it searches through your email and finds entries for bookings on flights, hotels, entertainment and rental cars. Once it compiles this information, it creates an itinerary for you. With all of the information you need in one single email, it saves you a lot of time and frustration finding confirmation numbers and addresses. Based on your vacation location, TripIt can also offer restaurant, attraction and entertainment options too.

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Traveling doesn’t have to be difficult. These apps make it much easier to go to a new city for a visit. Some of these apps will also save you money. Don’t travel without travel assistance apps on your smartphone; you never know when they’ll come in handy.

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