Beauty Travel Essentials – Carry On Tips


Travel nightmare: luggage did not arrive with you.  Keep your calm and grace.  No need to worry.  Lucky for you, you read THIS post and have all your beauty travel essentials with you, packed it all in your carry on!


So what are these Beauty travel essentials?  It is really the bare minimum you should not be without.  Items that will save the day, perk you up and make you feel whole despite your lost luggage.

Here is our suggested list:

  • facial wipes
  • moisturizer
  • eye cream
  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • dental floss
  • hair brush
  • deodorant
  • mascara
  • blush
  • lipstick or lip gloss


This list is the basic of the basics.  Of course you can add to it a couple more make up items like an eye liner or foundation.  Same can be said for toiletries.  You can add into this list your favorite shampoo and conditioner.  We did not because this is really what you will need to be in survival mode. Shampoo and conditioner are usually provided as part of the amenities of your hotel stay (including soap).

Packed for travel

If you make your toiletry or make up bags too big in your carry-ons TSA (security) is more likely to take a closer look at your belongings.  And this is fine too, assuming you have time to spare at the airports.  Usually we want in and out, so the list above will get you moving swiftly by check points.

This about which items really you can’t live without and go ahead and add them to the list.  Try to make it no more than 20 items tops!  The ideal number really is 10.

At destination you can always go buy other things you might need.  This can prove fun to discover new brands and products too, and save money on excess baggage!

Is there something we left out of this list?  Is there anything you definitely have to travel with that we didn’t include as far as make up and toiletries?

What beauty travel essentials do you carry when you travel?


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